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"Easily among the top mainstream trombonists in Jazz today ... full-bodied, post-bop trombone sound and considerable compositional skills ....finely executed heartfelt jazz.

- Joel Roberts, New York City Jazz Record


"One of the most melodic trombonists and composers on the scene today."

- Jeff Nania, Metroland


"Anderson's quintet - expansive and substantial, upbeat and uplifting".

- Michael Hochanadel, The Daily Gazette 


“He has crafted his sound into one which both his peers and audiences clearly appreciate.”   - Jazz Improv Magazine


“Anderson makes the trombone sound cool again.”

-  Nick Bewsey, Icon Magazine 

"Clifton, you and the band played an amazing show - it is literally the talk of the town,

and every single band member was warm, open, and incredibly generous as you all

mingled with the patrons after the performance. This was way more than a concert, it was a real connection between people through music. Thanks for your beautiful music and for your very special presence here."

- Sean Hunley/Artistic Director, The Performing Arts Center At Eagle Hill


 “Anderson shines as a stylist and storyteller - Anderson's compositions are all strong and fresh, and they avoid being derivative. Best of all, they are tailor made to show off the trombonist's lyricism and powerful chops.” "In Clifton's hands, you hear the trombone in a modern guise .... Clifton plays with plenty of hard-bop power, but he also delivers the punch with high-register sensitivity, exhibits enormous tenderness, and his cinematic sense of suspense holds the ear .... 

What I love most about Clifton's playing here is his tone."



“Anderson's got a very well developed sound here -- one that should easily make him one of the modern greats on his instrument, and one of the few to live up to a legacy started by players like JJ Johnson or Curtis Fuller many years back -- tightly inventive improvisation on the trombone, creatively searching for new avenues of expression while also managing to always make things swing!”

- Dusty Groove America, Inc.


Anderson has a gorgeous warm chestnut tone, and he’s adept both at gentle ballads or supercharged boppers. A truly great mainstream hard bop delight.

- George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly


“Trombonist Clifton Anderson (Rollins’s nephew) was the most consistently interesting player, developing minimal motifs into imaginatively worked-out solos that never failed to surprise.”

 - Stephen Brookes, Washington


" Plenty of great straight ahead playing .... fantastic soloing from Clifton, 

pianist Monty Alexander, trumpeter Wallace Roney and vibraphonist Warren Wolf

along with a slew of other great musicians.” 

- Bob Cochran, The Cultural Purveyor


©2019 Clifton Anderson

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