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Composed & Produced by Clifton Anderson

Record & Mixed by Andy Taub - Brooklyn Recording

Mastering by Mark Wilder - Sony/Battery Studios

Clifton Anderson - trombone, didgeridoo, Zylo drum, kalimba
Andy Bey - vocals
Rene McLean - tenor sax and reeds
Antoine Roney - tenor and soprano sax
Eric Wyatt - tenor sax
Peter Bernstein - guitar
Stephen Scott - piano/keyboards
Monty Alexander - piano/ fender rhodes
Tadataka Unno - piano
John F. Adams - fender rhodes/organ/bkgd vc
Buster Williams - bass
Tom Barney - bass
Al Foster - drums
Steve Jordan - drums
Ronnie Burrage - drums
Victor See Yuen - percussion
Sammy Figueroa - congas
Mala Waldron - background vocals
Angela Workman - background vocals

“We are in the presence of one of the most successful record operations of the year - enjoyable and at the same time profound music  - a great record”.          Nicola Gaeta/ Musica Jazz

“Clifton Anderson is among my favorite trombonists - When he plays, he’s channeling the sound of singing”.           Marc Myers/Jazzwax